The First Six Months: High, Lows and Great Results

The First Six Months: High, Lows and Great Results

Reflecting on our journey's initial six months, we've experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, from the nervous thrill of starting our business to the profound realisation that this is our life. "Our commitment to delivering excellence remains the same, but it's now 100% intensified. It's not just about the money; it's our name, our brand, our company, and the responsibility to get it right is incredibly motivating," Graham shares. "Each interaction with the people we work with gets our complete dedication, and time flows organically, driven by our genuine desire to achieve the best. Unlike our corporate days, there's no clocking in and out. If someone needs us at 9 pm, we're there. If a buyer can only view a property on a Sunday morning, that's when we'll make it happen."

Michael echoes this sentiment, expressing how the first six months have been a whirlwind of hard work, highs, and lows. "The overwhelming support from clients and acquaintances reinforces our decision to break away from the corporate world and start Randall Price. We've achieved great results for the people we’ve worked with despite the challenges in a rapidly changing market," he emphasises. "Our successes include helping local families with both selling and buying homes and fulfilling the countryside dream for others through downsizing and relocation."

Addressing the Current Real Estate Landscape: Challenges and Silver Linings

Turning our focus to the current real estate market, we can't ignore the impact of rising mortgage rates and inflation. Graham notes, “Looking ahead to 2024, we foresee a need for a slight pricing adjustment to accommodate the increased mortgage rates and inflation. However, our operating areas, known for their unique character and low volume postcodes, continue to attract interest, with the desire to join these communities outweighing the urge to move away."

While we've observed some realignment in house prices, the increased cost of borrowing has dissuaded many homeowners from listing their properties for sale as they hold on to the low rates secured years ago, resulting in restricted supply and bolstered prices.

While Michael acknowledges these challenges, he remains optimistic and knows that there are some great opportunities to be identified within the market.

The Path Forward: What's on the Horizon?

The first six months have flown by, and we're eagerly looking ahead. The recent addition of our lettings service marks a significant milestone, and we're enthusiastic about bringing more properties to the market. Our track record of introducing the most properties in SW14 from £1,250,000 and above underscores our dedication, and we're committed to providing exceptional service and advice in every aspect of what we do.

Looking to the future, we aim to keep being honest, transparent, and delivering on promises while striving for the best results for everyone we work with. Our vision includes business growth and creating a workplace with creature comforts like air conditioning and windows - this would be a step up from our current setup! However, our main focus is to build on our early success and continue tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of the people we serve.

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